The Beach

Super Paradise Beach

The history of Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise Beach is located 6km south-east of Mykonos town along the wind-sheltered south coastline of the island. Super Paradise Beach is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and definitely the most legendary beach on Mykonos, with a decades-long contribution to the island’s beach and party life history. It is also the most sheltered from the wind beach when the northern winds, known as “meltemia”, start to blow on the “island of the winds”.

Starting as the epicenter for gatherings and spontaneous parties under the hot Greek sun back in the carefree ‘60s and ‘70s, hippies, nudists, fair-skinned long haired beauties from the northern European countries and gays, all converged on the golden sands of Super Paradise Beach to enjoy the free-living bohemian atmosphere of the location. Skinny-dipping in the blue waters, long hours sun-tanning, partying and flirting were the essential activities of the days spent at Super Paradise Beach.

The beach became common ground for visitors from across the globe who got enthusiastic about the natural beauty of Super Paradise Beach and its special open-to-everyone vibe. The 1980’s and ‘90s saw the establishment of Super Paradise Beach’s reputation as the island’s most notorious party beach. Crazy parties took place here as the beach became a melting pot for international jet-setters, Greek summer vacationers, celebrities and fashion designers, the island’s gay community and nudists – they all became an amalgam of bon vivant and boho souls. The new millennium shaped the character of Super Paradise Beach into a multifaceted place where fun meets leisure, party meets relaxation – a place ready to please every taste and open to every type of visitor. The parties have never stopped since they kicked off in the 60’s and Super Paradise Beach remains genuinely attractive and in vogue to present date as on the left side of the beach the beats pulse lively every summer. The right side of the beach remains a beloved spot for the gay community and in the middle of the beach you have the most genuine area, a place where the golden sand shines under the sun and the sparkling waters are inviting you to dip in them. This is where everyone is welcomed – from families to honeymooners or just friends wanting to have fun at the beach, Divine Beach Bar & Restaurant is found here in the middle of Super Paradise Beach giving you access to the most amazing beach of Mykonos – and divine moments is what we can guarantee!

Visitors Tip:

As in the high season Super Paradise Beach can get really crowded, remember to BOOK YOUR SUN BEDS or RESTAURANT TABLE in advance at the most dreamy location of Super Paradise Beach, the Divine Beach Bar & Restaurant.